This week on the A-Team: Hannibal gets jiggy wit it. Mr T. buggers Murdock and Face gets hit by a flying sewer grill.

So really what can I say about one of these episodes. There will be music, there will be sound bites and there will be my musical voice telling you everything you need to hear to be an Alpha and dominate the world around you. I am just cool like that.

Anyway the music is as follows:

01:03 Entombed – Bitter Loss
12:05 S4D – Futurewave Zero
16:20 Anthrax – SSC Stand Or Fall
20:38 GWAR – The Road Behind
26:18 James Brown – Get Up Off Of That Thing
43:30 Evoken – Into Aphotic Devastation
53:35 Conan – Volt Thrower
57:09 Trouble – Pray For The Dead
01:13:23 ODDKO – Disobey
01:17:16 Godflesh – Perfect Skin Dub
01:30:42 Rabbit Junk – Dig Dug Has A Posse
01:40:34 Exodus – Lunatic Parade

Hosted By D.J. Crotch Sweat