The radio show is back and with even more hearing damage and seizures. “Why bring all of the pain and trauma back from the void?”, You may ask. Because we can and because it is easier than editing video. So Sloth basically. Seriously? You expected more? Have you been paying attention at all?

This show will bring you music from:

1:12 Igorrr – Opus Brain
11:37 Rabbit Junk – Bits And Razors
15:40 Nuclear Rabbit – Bowling For Midgets
24:38 HORSE The Band – Bunnies
34:12 Alice Cooper – Steven
40:13 DEVO – Smart Patrol (Version 2)
45:02 Voivod – Korgull The Exterminator
54:25 Nobodyknows+ – El Mirador
58:50 Godflesh – Flowers
1:08:40 Utsu-P Ft. Hatsune Miku – Diarrhea
1:16:27 Portishead – Roads

Hosted By: DJ Crotch Sweat and DJ Smegma